Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.

~ Arthur Brisbane

Picture-notes instead of boring-notes

Holiday Bag of 20 Crayons and a Snowflake for rubbings!

Crayon Rocks

Last year I returned to school after 20 years of being out in the “real world”.  I was a different person than when I did my undergraduate work.  Given my personal evolution over the past 20 years, it makes sense that I would bring new tools into the classroom. One of these tools is my zest for illustration and color over pen and pencil.  This zest translated into a brand new way of taking notes.  I used my colored pencils and Crayon Rocks — a new type of crayon that is big and round, made of soy (you can eat ’em without keeling over), and of much finer grain than those ole Crayolas.

I have found my “graphic note-taking” to be much more fun and more memorable than the tradition approach.  I am grateful to Jeannel King, a professional Graphic Facilitator, in San Diego for helping inspire my new strategy.  Check out her website to see her, very cool, work.

Examples from the Classroom and Life

Here are a few examples of my notes.  I’d enjoy any feedback that they might stimulate 🙂

I look forward to making more Picture-Notes in the New Year.

My new classmates!!!

My new classmates!!!

My adjustment to school was likened to a tour in Boot Camp!

My adjustment to school was likened to a tour in Boot Camp!

Learning about one-on-one interviewing techniques

Learning about one-on-one interviewing techniques

DSCF0999 (764x1024)

Anxiety Brainstorm from mid-semester

DSCF0977 (764x1024)

Notes from an Elementary School tour

A Brainstorm on Mourning

A Brainstorm on Mourning. I decided I needed to do some regarding my history of depression