The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

~ Robert Bryne

Healed by Love

It’s early and I am sitting at the computer preparing to do my daily writing.  I just made a list of proverbial “To-dooz” and decisions that are on my horizon.  A BIG one is further exploring my life purpose.  Greater clarity on it will help me with decisions I need to make around thesis topics, how to network in Flag, future jobs, etc.  I feel daunted and a bit overwhelmed when I think of the question. I know I have spent many years with the magnifying lens of attention focuses deeply inward.  This lens helped me determine how I want to be in the world and how I can heal from challenges in my past and present.  While my inner work has allowed me to reach a point where I live without depression and anxiety, all this inward focus has not provided the clarity I crave about how I want to influence the outer world.  When I entered graduate school I did an exercise called personal narrative that asked us — challenges us, really — to look at our life story and project it into the future.  The most salient aspect of my story was my inner transformation from a life of mental illness moderated by medication where my focus was relentlessly inward, life was pretty bland or a significant struggle to my present state of inner liberation and outer love (these are intricately linked, I think).

I do believe that the love I have with Katie has healed me.  I feel more grateful than I can express.  To wake up with energy and raging fire for life is such a gift after experiencing so many days when I woke up with a sense of dread or prickly anxiety.  How does this transformation inform my life purpose?  What does my shift mean to my choice of how to spend the next 40 years?

Peace, Love, and ongoing Communicating with Heart!!!