Elevate Your Relationships – the Music Video

Elevate Your Relationships /  Connection Starts with YOU!

~ David McCain, Elevate Your Relationships



Think of your best relationship
What images come to mind
Warmth and Care and Honesty
And the kind of love that’s blind
Even when the seas get stormy
With waves crashing all around
This connection does not waver
It’s planted firmly in the ground

Elevate your relationships
Connection starts with you
Elevate your relationships
It’s time for a breakthrough
Elevate your relationships
Compassion is your guide
Elevate your relationships
We’ll journey side-by-side

Think of your toughest relationship
Perhaps you feel confined
And wonder if it’s worth the time
What if you turned the tables
With new skills and energy
And transformed the connection
So you both could feel more free


You’ll Learn to…
Optimize your self-care
Change enemies into friends
Nourish and sustain connections
And reap the dividends

Relationships are golden
They make life smooth and bright
A good friendship gives us energy
And helps us shine our light
Yet to build strong connections
And sustain them over time
We need skills, grace, and practice
And a new paradigm


Singing is another way we can Communicate with Heart