I need your help to change the world!

Thinking of all that’s  happening in our world and my desire to create change, I created this video…


Hi, I’m David McCain and my life purpose is to change the world by helping people communicate more effectively and experience more joy in life. And, to change the world, I need your help.

We are living in turbulent times and I believe that the rhetoric, energy, and language that we’re seeing on the national stage is trickling down into our personal relationships. We have a choice. We can follow the lead of what we’re seeing nationally and judge and blame – call names — actions that really separate us from one another or we can move in a different direction:  We can talk about what matters to us and others. I’ve found in my work as a communication-skills trainer that when we can talk about what matters, our chances of making a connection are much, much higher.

I’d like to invite you to learn to communicate more effectively and to talk about what matters by attending my weekend training that’s coming up on March 24-26 at NACET near Buffalo Park. It will be a wonderful opportunity to be with a community of  your peers that are interested in communicating more effectively. Another bonus is that you’ll get to learn why the giraffe is the symbol of Compassionate Communication.

Please register today. Space is limited. Thanks very much. Bye-bye.

When we change our lives, we change the world.  Our choice to become better communicators helps each of us do our part to create a world where everyone Communicates with Heart