Invitation to the Tools for a New Tomorrow Summer Series

You are invited to learn news skills to create a more compassionate world by joining the Tools for a New Tomorrow Summer Series sponsored by Communicating with Heart.  The series consists of two different types of sessions:

  • Compassionate Living Walks/Talks on the second Sunday of the month at 4 pm at Buffalo Park — Stretch your mind while stretching your legs.  Explore key distinctions make by the Compassionate  Communication model:

6/11   Observations v. Evaluations
7/9     Feelings v. Thoughts
8/13    Needs v. Strategies
9/10   Requests v. Demands

  • Topical Workshops and Introductions on the third Saturday of the month at 2:30 at Epiphany Episcopal Church.  2:30 to 3:00 – FREE Introduction to the process; 3:00 to 4:30 Topical Workshop for $10 (No one turned away for lack of funds):

6/17   Compassionate Parenting
7/15   Compassionate Couplehood
8/19   Speak your Truth (for Women)
9/16   Emotional Literacy (for Men)

Here’s the lyrics for the Title Song:

Tools for a New Tomorrow

We’re sprinting in all directions

Seeking answers as the questions grow

There’s no trail maps to guide our motion

So we bushwhack to join the flow

We’re addicted to mindless living

And doing it at break-neck speed

It’s time for us to take a breath

And tune into our living needs


I’m sharing Tools for a new Tomorrow

Ways of being to light our way

To a world beyond right & wrong

Where loving is the game we play

I’m offering Tools for a new Tomorrow

Clear steps to peace to earth

Where compassion encircles everyone

And each moment is a re-birth

It started 8000 years ago

When the goddess was deposed

And Domination became standard

Though the dominators had no clothes

Our world has struggled mightily

To return to our natural state

                                                                                                           Where people practice partnership

                                                                                                            And we live to celebrate


Our words are walls or windows

Paths to discord or unity

By choosing them with wisdom

We invite change to be

When love quickens your spirit

So it flowers like the first spring

Each word becomes a stepping stone

To a field where freedom rings


Tools for a New Tomorrow will give all of us a BOOST toward a world where everyone Communicates with Heart!