Originally Published in the February 2017 Flagstaff Federated Church Newsletter “In a real sense all life is inter-related. All men [people] are


 Successful Relationships are the #1 determinant of well-being.  The quality of your relationships not only determines personal and professional success, it determines

Gratitude in 3-D

What I appreciate, appreciates.  ~ Kelly Bryson The heart that gives, gathers. ~ Tao de Ching The deepest craving of human nature is

Ho, Ho, Ho! Needs are a Gift!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Needs are a Gift! ~ Compassionate Santa What are needs? They motivate everything we say or do. They are "life

Interview with a Giraffe

Geoff, the giraffe, is the symbol of Compassionate Communication.  In this role, the giraffe exemplifies the power of compassionate to change lives