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The competitive marketplace asks businesses and organizations to attend to their members’, employees’, and clients’ needs.  Communication skills are essential to allow for the give-and-take that helps needs get met.  Biz Training WebpageIn addition to sharing the Compassionate Communication Model with organizations, I offer a range of other trainings to support business success!

What are specific topics that I like to share?

“Communicating with Heart in the Office” — Communication Skills Training

  • Sharing the Compassionate Communication Model
  • Valuing the Process and the Product
  • Delivering a difficult message
  • Hearing the needs underneath the words
  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively

“Collaboration: The Wave of the Present” — Supporting cooperation in the office

  • Focusing Your Personal Power
  • Two intentions:  Domination v. Partnership
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Power Games – kinesthetic experience of partnership/cooperation and domination forms of using power

“Red-light, Green-light De-escalation Training” — Staff learns how to de-escalate themselves so they can de-escalate customers.

“Building Community in the Workplace” – Strengthening work teams

  • Improv Games
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Power Games
  • Community-Building
  • Ice Breakers

“Leadership is an Art” — Leadership Training

  • Leadership that Empowers
  • Getting buy-in:  Requests v. Demands
  • Sharing concerns in ways that can be heard
  • The power of Gratitude
  • Mediating Conflicts

Conflict is not a Four-letter Word!” — Learning to Grow through Conflict

  • Reality of Conflict
  • How you frame it determines its impact
  • 5 steps to growing from conflict
  • Mediation and Mediation Skills

“Participatory Strategic Planning” – Strategic Planning that involves all Stakeholders in the process

  • Plan with your staff
  • Experiential/Practical/Involving all
  • Helping organizations grow with integrity by staying true to their core values

“Meetings that Move You” – Making meetings more effective and efficient

  • Meeting Facilitation and Facilitation-skills training
  • How making clear, present requests will help meeting move forward
  • How to avoid “raw meat” at your meetings
  • Developing Minutes, Agendas, Follow-up structures

“Don’t ‘Reply to All’ Unless…” — Using Email Effectively

  • Email – a Reptilian Tool in a Limbic World
  • Ways to prevent misunderstanding
  • Rules to guide effective email use

“Google Drive Rocks” — Using the Google Suite to get work done

  • Organizing the Drive
  • Creating Docs, Sheets, and Forms
  • Sharing files

Trainings tailored to your specific issues to help your business get work done effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably!

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