Relationship coaching catalyzes personal growth by helping the client unlock the answers that lie within to create more fulfilling relationships.  It is not therapy as it is focused squarely on the future.   It begins with a focus on the client’s relationship to him or her self then ripples out to address other relationships.  The relationship between the coach and client is a partnership founded on mutual acceptance, connection, empathy, trust, and honesty.

What are the benefits of Relationship Coaching?

Life is a mysterious adventure…

For Individuals…

  • A stronger connection to your authentic self and greater clarity on the type of relationships you want to cultivate
  • Skills to engage in a mutually-satisfying flow of energy between yourself and others
  • Increased facility at creating and sustaining relationships that honor you as a whole person

For Couples

  • Support in creating a partnership that serves both party’s needs
  • Concrete tools to resolve your differences in ways that deepen your connection
  • Tools to listen from the heart and speak your truth in ways that can be heard

For Families…

  • Guidance to create a family structure that supports and includes all members
  • Strategies to set clear boundaries for children and honor their desire to choose
  • Support in making the family work with greater efficiency and enjoyment

Compassionate Communication helps Make Relationships Work

A journey into the unknowable

A journey into the misty future…

I’ve been using the Compassion Communication model as a guide for my communications for over 15  years and sharing it with others for more than 12.  The basic intention underlying the model is to create a world where everyone’s needs have the opportunity to be met — this is a world where EVERYONE matters and collective attention to those needs creates mutually-satisfying solutions.

Compassionate Communication is the best tool I have found to, first, strengthen my relationship to ME, then, support my desire to have mutually-satisfying relationships with others.

A Coaching Relationship starts with an assessment of the client’s current relationships both with him or herself and others celebrating what’s working and mourning the challenges.  Next, I would facilitates the client’s vision of how they desire their relationships to be.  Embodying this vision sets in motion energy for change.  The next step is to work together to create an action plan to move from the current state to the ideal. This plan is the path to change that would guide the coaching relationship.

What are satisfied clients saying?

  • David McCain and his style of teaching compassionate communication as a framework for how to better achieve your life goals is AMAZING. 
  • Dave McCain changed my life…He is very easy to talk to, quite flexible and able to utilize his education, experience and natural abilities in helping others solve their problems. I highly recommend Dave in helping you sort through your life and getting [back] on track.
  • His natural skill at listening, reflecting, and advising are highly sophisticated and refined. Dave is a pleasure to interact with because he has a huge heart and is very genuine which is a rare jewel these days.

Complimentary Compatibility Consultations  Available

A new tomorrow awaits!

It’s important to me that both of us feel comfortable, safe, and at ease with each other.  I also want to know what you are looking for in a coaching relationship and whether my gifts match your desires.  I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation on the phone to see if we are a “good fit” to work together.

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