Getting Work Done Effectively, Efficiently, and Enjoyably

The three “e’s” of the workplace: Effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoymentBiz consult website page (2) are inter-related.  When all three qualities occur in the workplace, work gets done and worker morale is high!  When one or more of these “e’s” is neglected in the workplace, productivity and morale suffer.

Effective businesses create successful products that serve the needs of their customers – they do what they do well.  They are responsive to changes in the business environment and in their workforce.  Efficient businesses get their work done without wasting time. They have robust feedback systems that inform their work and lead to continuous improvement.  When all parties enjoy the process and outcome of their work, turnover is low and productivity is high.

I enjoy working with businesses to support their processes and share skills to help them realize the three “e’s”.

Over 20 Years’ Experience

I have been on the Board of a local Flagstaff non-profit for over 3 years with 1.5 years as Board Chair. In this role I have led a number of capacity-building initiatives to help the organization work better.  In the process, I’ve learned a great deal about the leverage points where change  has the greatest impact.

In addition, I have more than 20 years’ experience working in organization of all sorts.

Elements of My Consulting Work

  • Organizational Foundations – Supporting Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Values creation. Organizations with a firm grounding in the world they are trying to create (Vision), How they intend to create that world (Mission), and the qualities that guide their functioning (Values), set the table for success!
  • Strategic Planning – Holding space and guiding  participatory conversations about the direction the organization is headed.
  • Facilitating Meetings – Designing and Leading meetings that meet their goals and develop trust between members.
  • Mediation – Working with staff in conflict to resolve issues and rebuild trust.
  • Process Improvement – Working to streamline processes and trouble-shoot issues.
  • Addressing Your Unique Issues

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