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The competitive marketplace asks businesses and organizations to attend to their members’, employees’, and clients’ needs.  Communication skills are essential to allow for the give-and-take that helps needs get met.  I offer a range of powerful trainings to help businesses and organizations get work done with greater effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment.  My trainings are divided into two categories:  Workplace Effectiveness and Employee Wellness.

Workplace Effectiveness Trainings

Communication Skills Trainings

  • Empathy in the Workplace: How to Listen for What’s Important
    • Listening skills are particularly important to facilitate information-sharing, decision-making, and conflict resolution in the workplace. Participants will strengthen their ability to listen to themselves and others through this training.
  • Effective Self-Expression:  Speak  Your Truth and Be HeardThe ability to share honestly with others is essential for workplace effectiveness. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to express themselves honesty in ways that can be heard by others.
  • Creating Connection with Empathic Listening and Effective Self-Expression
    • When the skills of Empathic listening and Effective Self-expression  are used together, they increase the likelihood of connection. This course combines the previous two courses with an emphasis on practice including role-plays.
  • Feedback is a Gift: Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively
    • Too often the fear of feedback keeps us from providing information that would make the office run more smoothly. Workshop participants will learn strategies both the giver and receiver of feedback can employ to ensure their feedback is effective.
  • Taming the Tigers in Your Life:  Responding Effectively to Difficult Messages
    • Difficult messages are commonplace in the workplace. Yet skills to manage them effectively are rare. Participants will develop means to respond effectively to these messages.
  • Transforming Workplace Conflict Series
    • Conflict is inevitable.  This course takes a deep dive into conflict by offering tools to manage it in ways that strengthen relationships by transforming how we perceive it and respond to it.
  • Making Meetings Work
    • A large proportion of the workday is spent in meetings. Making these meetings work increases productivity and efficiency. This session will provide concrete tools to organize and lead meetings effectively.
  • Using Email Effectively: Staying Hi-Touch in a Hi-Tech world
    • Email has become the most commonly-used medium for workplace communication. It presents a range of challenges to effective communication. Participants will explore the causes and learn solutions to these challenges.


  • Power Games: Optimizing Your Personal Power
    • Team members will explore the concept of power, discuss how it is expressed in their workplace, and experience different ways power is used though interactive exercises.
  • Gratitude: The Glue that keeps teams Together
    • Gratitude is fuel that keeps us moving forward and gives us energy to do our work more effectively. Team members will become more aware of what’s going well in their workplace and learn how to express their gratitude to themselves and others.
  • Creating Psychological Safety
    • Psychological safety is one key element of an effective team’s culture.  In this session, team members will learn & practice the skills that help teams thrive.
  • Strengthening Workplace Connections
    • This training addresses the specific issues and challenges of a specific team. It is tailored to achieve the outcomes desired by team leaders.

Other Topics

  • Customer Service Basics Session
    • This session addresses the basic elements of customer service. One of these topics is addressed in the session: Being Present, The What and Why, Knowing Your Customer, Assessing Your Skills, or De-escalation.
  • Creating Customer Satisfaction Series
    • Every interaction provides an opportunity to satisfy a customer. This series addresses making relationship with customers, de-escalation, and service recovery. It includes a self-assessment and customer profile questionnaire.
  • Empowered to Respond: Making Change Work for You
    • When we choose to stop resisting the change and apply a growth mindset, we are empowered to make the change work for us.
  • Balancing Priorities: Time Management in the Workplace
    • In this session, participants will explore their priorities and learn tools that allow to manage their time while maintaining balance.

Employee Wellness Trainings

  • Self-Care Basics Session
    • This session addresses the basic aspects of self-care. One of these topics is addressed in the session: Reducing Stress with Self-Compassion, Setting Boundaries, Making Requests, or Living Your Dream. ing Present, The What and Why, Knowing Your Customer, Assessing Your Skills, and De-escalation.
  • Self-Care: Caring for THE Most Important Person in Your life Series
    • A comprehensive self-care course that offers skills for participants to care for themselves in the moment, upon reflection and for the long term.
  • Gratitude: Fuel for Life Session
    • Participants will explore the power of gratitude to create greater well-being, learn about two distinct types of gratitude, and practice gratitude for self and others.
  • Gratitude: Fuel for Life Series
    • Participants will explore gratitude in depth including how to give it to self and others and how to receive it.
  • Making Habits that Work
    • Our habits create our level of well-being on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis. Participants will develop tools to break habits that aren’t working and create new ones that are.

Trainings tailored to your specific issues to help your business get work done effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably!

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