Why would groups invite me to speak to them?

They want to be motivated.  They want to see the world through a unique perspective.  They want to laugh.

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Speaking at Flagstaff Pecha Kucha (wearing my “Giraffe Man” Suit) on June 30, 2016

I am passionate about human connection.  I like to connect to people through one-on-one, small group, and large group sessions.  Speaking engagements allow me to connect in a focused way by sharing my insights and anecdotes with the audience.  I enjoy the creative process of combining my knowledge of human relations and communication with my sense of humor. The alchemical result is an experience that invites the audience to learn while they laugh (or laugh while they learn).

What energy would I bring to your group as a trainer or speaker?

When I have the pleasure of speaking to groups, I share my dynamic energy via a range of tools including original music, puppets, interactive exercises, inspiring anecdotes and in-the-moment humor.  singing croppedsinging croppedI do my best to have fun!  Dave SingingI balance fun with authenticity by sharing my experiences and wisdom on the topic at hand. My hope is that each trainee will walk away refreshed and educated. My dream is that some will walk away inspired to change their life and the world.singing cropped

For recent Birthday, I invited friends to share the one word that comes to mind when they think of me.  Here are a few examples: “Playful”, “Creative”, “Authentic”, “Perceptive”, “Enthusiastic”, “Lively”, and “Ebullient”.  These words convey the energy that I would bring to your organization as a speaker.

What topics do I like to speak about?

Here are few specific topics:

  • Life is a Gift, It’s Yours to Share — Actualizing Your Life with a Therapeutic Worldview
  • Let the ‘Soul Water’ Flow — Tools to Stay Connected to “Source Energy”singing cropped
  • Conflict is not a Four-letter Word! — Learning to Grow through Conflict
  • Meetings that Move You! — Making Meetings More Effective
  • Every Thought has a Purpose — Finding the Wisdom in Your Inner Voice
  • Don’t “Reply to All” Unless… — Using Email Effectively
  • ‘Breaking Out of Jail” to Become “Busy Being Born” — My Story of Personal Transformation.

To dialogue about a possible speaking engagement, click here to email me.