My life purpose it to change the world by helping individuals and organizations communicate more effectively and experience greater well-being!

Here are the specific services I offer (click on the service to learn more):

For Individuals, Couples, and Families Catalyzing personal growth and developing stronger communication skills

  • Training – Sharing wisdom to open doors to personal growth and effectiveness
  • Mediation – Facilitating connection to foster solutions for people locked in difference

For Businesses and OrganizationsHelping groups get work done more effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably

  • Training – Sharing wisdom to strengthen teams, improve customer service, better resolve conflict, enhance communication capacities and increase leadership skills.
  • Business Consulting – Connecting with the desires of the organization (for-profit, non-profit or other) to craft strategies that increase their effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment (e.g. Strategic Planning, Meeting Facilitation, Mission/Vision/Values Creation)

“Not much into “smiley face” evaluations. I listened, I learned and I used what I learned. AND it worked. A heated disagreement became a solution finding discussion which then resulted in appreciative listening.”

JHL, Compassionate Communication Foundations Training Participant

“I’ve taken several of Dave’s one day workshops, I saw so much growth and possibility with the tools I learned. I was so excited when I saw the six week foundations course. My husband and I signed up and made sure to attend everyone and do the homework in between…it has paid off. I will be a Giraffe for life and look forward to future opportunities with Dave and expanding my compassionate communication.”

Ruth Norris, Participated in Several Workshops

“This course has improved the way I can work with and connect with others in every way – professionally and personally. Since I have learned this new kind of communication, I can relay my needs in a way that allows me to be true and authentic to myself, and also in a way that allows others to feel good. It’s a win-win. And David makes it fun! Thank you, David!”

Erin Schaad, Compassionate Communication Foundations Training Participant

“I recently took my first class with Dave. The day flew by, it was wonderful. He modeled beautifully all day, the exercises were extremely effective. I left able to immediately implement many tools into my personal and professional life.”

Rebecca Cauthen, Daylong Self-Care Workshop Participant

“I really am glad I was able to experience David’s Compassionate Communication course. He presented the Nonviolent Communication tools in a very heartfelt way so that I felt it wasn’t just words we were learning to say. May this indeed be the language of the future!”

Michelle Shiloh, Compassionate Communication Foundations Training Participant

“Dave teaches and lives the principals of compassionate communication. The material analyses the way we communicate with other, and gives us better tools to improve our relationships. I learned a lot through his coursework.”

Mark Alexander, Compassionate Communication Foundations Training Participant

“David’s unique presentation style was engaging and fun. He shared effective strategies and tools that were relevant and easily incorporated into our work environment.”

Veronica Hipolita, Dean of Student Development & Community Engagement, Coconino Community College

“David’s Compassionate Communication class has helped me tremendously when it comes to taking a pause before forming a sentence when I am in an uncomfortable situation. I have put it to use several times and although it still feels foreign for this former NY’er to communicate this way, it has greatly improved my chances of being heard :)”

Robin Ixchel Peterson, Compassionate Communication Foundations Training Participant

“Such an amazing course. fun, upbeat and informative. I’ll be using what I learned, and found the boundaries section very important for my current level of self care. Thanks Dave!”

Grace Norris, Daylong Self-Care Workshop Participant

“I would highly recommend any Communicating with Heart experiences Dave offers to anyone interesting in experiencing and interacting with other people, and with yourself in more life-giving ways. David shares specific teachable / learnable skills – and also embodies the essence of these with humor, openness, gentleness, humility, gratitude and compassion. Plus he plays guitar and sings original songs!”

Dot Himes, Practice Group and Workshop Participant

“The Day Course in Couples Conflict was a helpful “refresher” for our 20 year marriage. David’s enthusiasm, clearly written materials, and varied exercises supported my learning. I came away with a fresh outlook on my communication style and how I can change it to improve connection and happiness with my husband.”

Betsy Ardnt, Daylong Conflict Resolution for Couples Participant

“Dave gave examples of how CC works in practice and regularly invited me to participate in role-playing exercises. After practicing application of empathy and honesty in a safe environment, I shifted to a more confident and relaxed mindset. I look forward to greater depth and connection in my workplace and personal relationships. Thanks, Dave!”

Andy Taylor, Relationship Coaching Client
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