Successful Relationships are the #1 determinant of well-being.  The quality of your relationships not only determines personal and professional success, it determines both physical and mental health.

What is EYR?

I’m glad you asked. EYR is short for Elevate Your Relationships with Compassionate Communication. It is my 2017 Campaign to help Northern Arizonans bring their relationships to a higher level!  Over the next four weeks, I’ll be blogging about this campaign inviting you to participate.

Relationships are always changing. You need skills to sustain them and create the world you want in each moment.  EYR will show you how the consciousness and tools of Compassionate Communication will improve your relationships and your life!

What are the Benefits of EYR?

I’m glad you asked this as well.  In short, BETTER RELATIONSHIPS! In longer…there are three significant outcomes of EYR. You will develop skills to:

  • Enhance your relationship with yourself – Imagine that you treated yourself as the MOST important person in you life.  That would improve all your relationship because the root of good relationships with others is a strong relationship with yourself.
  • Transform Challenging Relationships – What if you had the skills to make the challenging relationship in your life easy? What if you could stay present even when triggered to get through the rough patches?
  • Nourish and Sustain your Best Relationships – Relationships are dynamic.  To keep them strong, we need to constantly feed them with love, care, and presence. 

How do I EYR?

You are asking all the right questions 🙂

There are three ways to EYR:

  • ONE: EYR 6-week Training – Join a learning community to explore the power of Compassionate Communication to change relationships and lives!  This interactive training will teach you the consciousness and tools of the time-tested CC Process in an entertaining, interactive setting.

Go to THIS LINK for details and registration

  • TWO:  EYR Coaching – For those who want a one-on-one experience learning CC.  An EYR Coaching relationship is a partnership where we work together on your relationships with CC as our guide. I’m offering two special package if you sign up by the end of the month (4 sessions  for $199 or 6 session for $279 — more than 35% off the regular price). The first step in working with me is to schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation so we can determine if it makes sense to work together.

Go to THIS LINK to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation

  • THREE:  EYR Tuesday Practice Group for learners who’ve taken a Foundations Course —–>  The group meets from 6:15 to 8:00 pm at my home in Downtown Flagstaff starting January 10 and running through February 14.

Sign up HERE.

Start the New Year off right by Elevating Your Relationships with Compassionate Communication.  You’ll make a giant leap toward creating a world where everyone Communicates with Heart!